Ascot Royale History

I come from a small village, called Ascot, that is in the county of Berkshire. It is located 30 miles Southwest of London, and is 6 miles from Windsor, where the Queen often resides at her home in Windsor Castle. My family and I have always loved good, quality chocolate ~ after all, incredible chocolate can be bought and eaten from just about any large or small shop in any part of England or the British Isles.

When I came to the USA over 28 years ago, nothing would suffice the cravings for chocolate other than a bar of chocolate from England. I hate to say this, but you Americans have been totally duped in that department. Having grown up with excellent chocolate all my life, and having always enjoyed cooking, it seemed almost a natural thing for me to be drawn to making my own chocolates.

I have been making and selling chocolates for over 20 years now, and am proud to be known for making the very best quality in taste, and as close to bringing as much of my homeland to the United States as possible.I vowed from the very beginning that I would use only the very best and creamiest milk chocolate. When I would send some of my finished product “home”, and my friends and family from England, Ireland, and Scotland would rave about (and later crave) my gifts, I knew I had a winner for here in the U.S.


-Kathy Pilgrim Graham
Founder, Ascot Royale Chocolate Company